Gulvafslibning samt gulvbelægning Frederiksberg

Floor grinding as well as Floor grinding and floor covering Frederiksberg. Can paint be removed with a floor abrasion ? Old paint or varnish should be grinder with grinder paper 60 to provide a better adhesion. If you have questions about painter or floor work , we would like to offer a non-binding offer:

  • lacquer flooring price
  • wood flooring oil treatment
  • floor without doorstep
  • plank floor poles

so you will have the opportunity to hear what we can offer before that


a project is being determined.

An agreement is a deal

Floor Sanding
Floor Sanding

We are always prepared with a measure and a non-binding offer for all types of wooden floors. The floor becomes worn:

  • parquet flooring on particleboard
  • floor service glostrup
  • oil treatment floor price
  • vinyl on hardwood floors

and there are scratches, chinks and marks that make the floor dull or even ugly.

Which finishing touches you choose

In other words, it is a modern floor drainage:

  • untreated furniture
  • floor grinding and paint
  • floor abrasion price m2
  • rent of floor grinder aalborg

where, in connection with flooring, we can either perform profound floor grinding or a lighter surface grinding .

How often do you treat your wooden floor

We also collaborate with a wide range of floor companies, and therefore also have the opportunity to deliver quality to your floors in both vinyl, linoleum, carpet and wood.

Can laminate flooring withstand abrasion

And once you’ve invested in a floor grinding or decommissioning:

  • sanding of pine floors
  • do it yourself
  • greve floor drainage
  • lacquering of untreated hardwood floors
  • floor slipper frederiksværk

It’s anxious to end up with a result you’re not happy because you did not prioritize a good finishing touch.

Bright or dark – the pattern or fun

The price depends on the type of surface treatment you want. After decommissioning, abrasion will end with a .

Curing oil can be obtained with and without white pigmentation

Common to all types of treatment are:

  • easy grinding
  • renting floor grinder odense
  • laminate flooring click
  • offer floor abrasion

that they will give a beautiful appearance and strong surface against wear and dirt. Ludbehandlingen neutralizes the tannic acid in the tree, so it does not yellow in conjunction with sunlight.